Corporate Series

  • Impact of Social Media
  • Managing Stress
  • Building the Winning Team
  • The NEW Conversation

Highly effective corporations have highly engaged and committed employees.  After a global pandemic and major social unrest, American corporations have seen a dramatic resignation of employees, a decline in employee morale, and a heightened need for social responsibility.  Although many companies pledged Billions toward Black Lives; meaningful engagement, dialogue and employee morale is still a major opportunity for many US corporations.

In an effort to promote a more positive work environment, mental wellness, an understanding between police and communities of color and powerful content for employees with children, Inner Vision has created the eLearning with DB corporate bundle. 

Companies will receive informative content on:  Managing Stress, The Impact of Social Media, Building the Winning Team, and The NEW Conversation.

Each workshop has been intentionally crafted to ensure your employees have an array of content that will address their specific need.   For parents with children in 4th -12th grade, they will want to explore the Impact of Social Media.  Employees who want to understand the chasm between police and certain communities of color, The NEW Conversation will prove highly informative.

Managing Stress will address the need for mental health and Building the Winning Team will address various personality and behavioral types within an organization.  Employees will learn how to flex in order to maximize productivity within their organization.

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