Teacher Engagement

Building The Winning Team

Duration: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes or ½ day

The ‘Building The Winning Team’ workshop is a must for organizations that desire to increase the level of efficiency and productivity among its team members. This workshop is divided into three phases:

Phase I.

Inner Vision will make a comparative analysis between your school and one of the former greatest championship winning teams in the world: The Chicago Bulls. We will analyze the Bulls organizational structure, its strengths and challenges and relate these strengths to your organization.

Phase II.

Phase II is highly interactive. Participants will be exposed to 6 primary characteristics in every organization. Your teachers will be challenged to examine their individual strengths and areas of opportunity. Then they will be motivated to consistently utilize their strengths in order to enhance their team’s performance. In addition to generating much discussion and feedback, participants in phase II will understand that within the confines of a team, the individual’s goals should never precede the organization’s goals.

Phase III.

Phase III is very hands on. Through a fun and thought provoking activity, participants will see how different personalities may clash and how to harness the strengths of each.

Phase III is designed to expose participants to various strategies and solutions that will increase productivity within their work environments. In addition, teachers will be motivated to better understand how their performance and attitudes affects student achievement.

Upon completion of this workshop, teachers will have a greater understanding of the strengths and challenges facing their school. As a result of this highly interactive workshop, teachers will be empowered to motivate their team members towards increased productivity, overall workplace morale, and improvements in overall school morale.

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Duration: 60, 90 or 120 minutes


Our objective for this workshop is simple: to bring awareness of the true impact stress has on our lives, understand the importance of self-care, and to manage our stress and not let it master us.


“Our Jobs May Be Killing Us!” was the caption in an article by USA Today. We are living in a time where the pressures of our daily lives (career, family, friends, and social and civic responsibilities) are becoming increasingly overwhelming.  Often times we become so busy that we lose sight of ourselves and get caught up in the mundane necessities of life.  As a result, our job performance is often affected.  

This workshop has been carefully designed for your employees to regain their joy for life!  Participants in this workshop will gain a better understanding of the stress factors in their lives and more importantly how to manage them more efficiently.  Participants will understand the impact that stress at home has on their ability to succeed on the job.  Although we will never be able to rid our lives completely of stress, this workshop will allow us to manage stress so that we can live a more fulfilling life, thus becoming more effective in the workplace.

The Power of an Educator

Duration: 60, 90 or 120 minutes

Teachers are the backbone of our educational system. However, they are often times the least appreciated, least valued, and most demeaned. In this highly engaging workshop, teachers will be reminded of their greatness and the impact they have on shaping a child’s life.  

A case study will allow teachers to see firsthand just how powerful and far-reaching their impact is.  Teacher morale, teacher effectiveness, and overall school climate will improve quickly as a result of this powerful workshop.

Combining this workshop with Building The Winning Team and Managing Stress in the Workplace will position your school to improve teacher morale, thus improving overall school climate.

Parent Workshops

The NEW Conversation is a powerful event that engages leaders and problem solvers within the community. Throughout the presentation, Dwayne reflects upon various chapters in his timely book entitled, The STOP – Improving Police and Community Relations.  Utilizing The STOPTM, Dwayne outlines the importance of developing strategies focused on mutual respect, shared responsibility, and personal accountability for improving police and community relations.

Creating Powerful Parents

Duration: 60 or 90 minutes

The Creating Powerful Parents workshop will educate parents and students on the importance of making sound decisions to help students take their education and future seriously. 

Managing Stress

Duration: 60, 90 or 120 minutes

Managing Stress helps participants define stress and understand the various forms of stress in their personal lives. Various solutions and strategies will be provided to help participants understand that stress is a normal part of life and how to effectively manage and minimize it.

Impact of Social Media

Duration: 60, 90, 120 minutes or ½ day

The Impact of Social Media educates attendees on various social media platforms, how students use them to communicate with their peers, for entertainment, and the potential dangers of social media. Attendees will gain powerful monitoring solutions and will be better equipped to inform students about the potentially devastating impact of social media.

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