Police & Community Relations Series 

  • The NEW Conversation (Police and Community)
  • The Power of TRUTHFUL History
  • The STOP™ – Improving Police and Community Relations 

The NEW Conversation is an Online educational series for individuals interested in understanding the chasm between police and communities of color, especially the Black community. It is also for individuals looking to expand their courage and leadership, inspiring them to build bridges between police and community. This unique series encourages courageous conversations about Race, American History, Excessive Use of Force (Police Brutality), Systemic Racism and Policing in America. 

The NEW Conversation creates a safe space for viewers to have meaningful dialogue about socially sensitive topics while formulating individual solutions. Created by social education visionary Dwayne Bryant, The NEW Conversation, takes Dwayne’s plethora of experience (author of The STOP™ – Improving Police and Community Relations, Alumni – FBI Citizen’s Academy, Community Advisory Board – COPA – Civilian Office of Police Accountability and recipient of the 2020 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award.) and creates a sequence of fact-based research and a varied approach to the necessity of improving police and community relations. It is a series that will turn the page on social and cultural fragmentation within our communities, the workforce, and our schools, all with the goal of improving the relationship between police and community.

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