Just when I thought the students at Juarez were preeeeeetty dog on awesome… the students at Farragut took our conversation to another level. We discussed the long-term impact of Bullying. Students began to understand that people who Bully and those who are Bullied are ALL affected well into adulthood.


We discussed some of the impact on the Victim: Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, over compensation, suicide, missed opportunities, low social skills, loner,
self-doubt, doing things to fit in, less likely to succeed, will probably make a lower income, may not get into the best colleges…. these were conversations from our students!!

For the Bully: Future implications: Criminal history, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, jealousy, prone to violence, may not get into the best colleges, less job opportunities, terrible relationships with others, homicide, less likely to succeed, low social skills, arrogant.

WoW!! It is clear… whether you are being bullied or are the bully your life will be impacted in some way.

Students agreed: Hurting People, Hurt People.