I JUST got pulled over by Indiana State Trooper!! Ok, I’m sitting in my rental car with tears in my eyes! I have a BIG speaking engagement in Battle Creek Michigan tomorrow morning. I’m going to Lite up ALL the teachers in the Battle Creek School district.

So! I’m driving from Chicago to Battle Creek. I KNOW I was speeding!!! A police officer had me in his radar. I pulled over…. He asked the Question: “Do you know why I stopped you?” I asked, “was I speeding?” He clocked me doing 85 in a 65. Then he said, you also crossed three lanes of traffic to pull over without signaling.

I was calm, was respectful, and told the officer WHO I was (showed him by my actions WHOSE I WAS) and what I was doing and where I was going. He took my license and said, “sit tight.”

After about 5 min. He came back with a citation. He told me in Indiana, he could’ve written me up for reckless driving because I was going over 20mph. Instead, he was only going to give me a $150 ticket. I said, thank you officer, I know I was wrong by speeding. I appreciate your kindness you have shown me. (I was really sincere…straight from the heart). I asked him could I take a pic because I wanted to post this experience because I’m always talking to my students about THEIR responsibility when pulled over by an Authority.

He asked me to give him back the ticket. I didn’t know what was about to happen, but I had NO fear during the entire encounter.

He tore up the ticket, told me to sit tight, then he brought back a WARNING instead of a ticket.

I am crying in my car, because God is SOOOO faithful! I sincerely believe, in MOST instances, it is OUR ATTITUDE, OUR BEHAVIOR, OUR RESPONSE that dictates the officers response.